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How to Download an article from e-Journal for printing

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How to Download an article from e-Journal for printing Empty How to Download an article from e-Journal for printing

Post by Admin Dale on Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:35 pm

We were tasked to download an article from the e-Journal of our library.

Username: phsic
Password: custom

There's a problem with the "Download" button of the e-Journal when you try downloading an article. It is only downloaded in a ".txt" format and is only opened with notepad and can't be printed. Our librarians don't advise us to use the "Copy+Paste" feature of our computer to download an article because the article displayed is sometimes incomplete and no Source Citation included. That's why I would like to share you the steps on how to download and print it.

Try using CutePDF Writer..

Here are the steps:

1. Download and install CutePDF Writer here:

2. Go to the article you want and click "Print Preview"

3. A pop-up window will appear with the title "Print Properties"

4. In the printer category, choose the "CutePDF Writer" option under name.

5. Click OK and save the file (The file will be saved as a PDF)

You don't have a PDF Reader? Well, just convert it to a Word Document
Here are the steps:

6. Download and install "Free PDF to Word Converter" here:

7. Run the program

8. Browse for the PDF file you created earlier.

9. Uncheck "retain shapes and images" and "uses text-box"

10. Convert it!

EDIT PO PALA! Edit n'yo muna yung article sa word bago n'yo i-print. Adjust the Font Size so it can fit the page. Best Font po ay Times New Roman Size = 12

I wish this topic would help you a lot! Smile
Admin Dale
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